Can Christ Be Honored by Christmas?

The most common justification that one will hear regarding Christmas is that people have replaced old pagan customs and intents by asserting that they are now “focusing on Christ.” I have heard many say that they are “honoring Christ” in their Christmas-keeping. The problem is that God does not say this is acceptable to Him! Actually, He plainly commands against it! Keeping Christmas dishonors Christ! He considers everything about it to be an abomination! We will soon see why.

Christ said, “But in vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” (Matt. 15:9). Christmas is not a command of God—it is a tradition of men. Christ continued, “Full well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your own tradition (Mark 7:9). Every year, throughout the world, on December 25th, hundreds of millions do just that!

We will see that God plainly commands, “Follow not the way of the heathen.”But most people do not fear God, and He allows them to make their own decisions. Human beings are free moral agents—free to obey or disobey God! But woe to those who ignore the plain Word of God!

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Some will say its a matter for debate and we should not dispute debatable matters. However, it is clearly spelled out in Holy Scriptures that we are not to mix the profane with the holy; that we cannot sit at the table of demons and at the table of the Lord. You sit at one or the other! Truth is not debatable!

Others say its a matter of Christian liberty. If that is the case then there would have been a previous God-ordained mandate such as there was for the Feasts which pointed to Christ. In that respect, since Christ is the fulfillment of these feasts we do not have to observe them unless we want to, and in our doing that only in a way to see how Christ Jesus is the fulfillment.  Nothing in the Christ Mass has a previous ordination from God but rather His command to not do as the pagans do in worshiping Him.

1 Corinthians 10:14(ESV)

 Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.




3 responses to “Can Christ Be Honored by Christmas?

  1. Let me also say that not one ritual of pagan worship in the Christ Mass points to Christ as the fulfillment as the Feasts do but, rather, these abominable rituals point to the false messiah, Nimrod, or whatever name this antichrist god goes by in the various false religions.

    That alone is reason enough to stop celebrating X Mass and to come to the understanding of why God hates it.

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    • It also lowers our Beloved down to the level of the false gods when we put His birth date in with theirs. Unbelievers see that Christ Jesus is just another pagan god It means that Christians are not keeping our most holy God separate from those that are no gods at all. No wonder His heart breaks…

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  2. FTA: We do many things in ignorance, and Yahweh is gracious to forgive us our error when we repent. However, when we have truth presented to us, we are brought to a crisis of decision. Will we honor God, possibly suffering reproach, and the anger and misunderstanding of those we love? Or will we stop our ears, and close our minds to the truth, embracing arguments and justifications to continue in the error which we love? Will we try to persuade ourselves that it is really no big deal with God? Really? Walking in truth and eschewing deceit and idolatry is no big deal with God? Joining together Christ and Belial, light and darkness is no big deal? If we will deem it so, then what might we not sanction? Is anything forbidden? Is Yahweh a God of absolute tolerance? Will He wink at our corruption? Will He smile as we bring confusion between the holy and the profane?

    From What’s the Big Deal About Christmas?

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