Does It Make Sense to You?

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I can’t figure out why any pastor would teach scriptures so as to make the Apostles agreers that paganism can be christianized except that they love these “holy” days of X Mass and Easter, and/or their children above God. I have yet to run across a pastor or teacher who can show, with correct interpretation, scriptures that truly mean we have liberty to celebrate christianized pagan (an oxymoron) “holy” days. Why didn’t the Apostles agree to such a wicked thing when the converted former pagans of their day were burning to ashes all vestiges of their ungodly pagan worship? Isn’t it adding to God’s Word to say its OK to christianize pagan holidays? Isn’t it subtracting from the Word to ignore scriptures warning us not to partake in pagan practices to worship God with? And isn’t it outright disobedience to God’s Word when we are told not to combine the holy with the unholy?…to touch not the unclean things?

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