Increase Mather’s Quote from His Testimony on Holy Days

Now for Christians thus to practise, is against clear Scripture, which commands the Lord’s People not to learn the way of the Heathen, nor do after their manner, Jer. 10:2. Lev. 20:23. Ezek. 11:12. To observe the Festivals of the Heathen, is one way of partaking with them in their Superstitions. Tertullian in his Book against Idolatry, (cap. 14.) expresseth himself after this manner, Shall we Christians who have nothing to do with the Festivals of the Jews, which were once of Divine Institution, Embrace the Saturnalia and Januaria of the Heathen? How do the Gentiles shame us? who are more true to their Religion than we are to ours. None of them will observe the Lord’s-Day for fear lest they should be Christians: And shall not we then by observing their Festivals, fear least we be made Ethnic’s?

We might take notice of the Ethnicism of this Festival in another respect. It was the manner of the Gentiles to celebrate the Birth-days of their Princes and Patrons. And in Imitation of them, Degenerating Christians thought good so far to symbolize with the Customs of the Nations, as to keep the Birth-day of Christ, whom they acknowledge to be their Lord and Sovereign.


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