Another God on Earth


12 responses to “Another God on Earth

  1. I suggest that readers go to the second video’s YT site and read the information given for the video for more information. Note: this may be an “old” video (pre-Pope Francis) it still brings about the truth of the Popes of the RCC.

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  2. The RCC wants us all to “come home.” The way they’re managing this is diabolically clever, by influencing Protestants to introduce similar practices until from adopting those people will feel “at home” with everything RCC, and think that, as you mentioned, the RCC had it right all along and so what was all the fuss about back then!
    Have you read E.H. Broadbent’s book The Pilgrim Church? I just started it. Broadbent had a wide knowledge of Bible Christians who wanted to worship only according to its standards. I skipped ahead and read about France first and am now going back to 29-313 A.D. I’ll tell you if after going furthe if I can still recommend it.

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