Speaking for God: Discerning His Truth

The last paragraph is quite noteworthy-something to keep in mind.

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If you’ve been following my blog posts here, you’ll note that I have of late, posting reviews of three books, all of which the authors believe they speak for God.  Anyone who teaches theology, or anything biblical is essentially speaking for God (including myself; cf. James 3:1).  In a previous post, I alluded to the fact that because those of us speak for God, we also come under greater condemnation if we are wrong.

The Word of God – the Bible – is either God’s Word, or it is not.  Though written by men (cf. 2 Peter 1:21), their thoughts were most certainly guided by the Holy Spirit, so that ultimately what we have is a book in which God is the final Author.  Because of this, whenever we preach or teach from the Bible, it is important to realize that we are then disseminating the meaning of God’s Word…

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One response to “Speaking for God: Discerning His Truth

  1. What I see as ironic is that teachers teach about using discernment, and this is a spot-on article to read concerning it, but yet they do not do as the Bereans when celebrating pagan/papist traditions of men “holy” days in the twice a year (or more) will worship of God. Taking the Scriptures in whole will tell you that Paul would never, ever, say it is OK to christianize pagan religious festivals to worship God with. He knew what happened to Israel with their admixture of religious paganism with their God-ordained worship. Acts 19:19, as a single text, speaks loud and clear against christianizing anything spiritually pagan…let alone use it to worship God with…


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