This is hard for many Christians to warn of. Its heartbreaking to see such men of God falter into grievous error and falsehood. We need to take heed lest we fall! It is so amazing to see men of God, teachers of the Gospel, endorse that which is of another “Jesus.” Let’s keep our fellow Christians in prayer, that we would walk in discernment and be kept by our Lord God from evil and the evil one.

In this post is a must see video of Hovind’s explanations for his endorsements of The Shack and of Steven Anderson. He has quite the arrogance now.   😦

Father, in Your Son’s Name, I ask that You would send Your precious Holy Spirit to convict Kent of his errors, his sins in turning away from You and Your Holy Word. Have mercy on him and remember all that he has done for Your Kingdom, by Your power and for Your glory. Crush Kent’s pride to dust and and humble him before You to confess his sins of endorsing lies to Your children. Let this day be the day of his conviction of sins unto godly sorrow unto sincere repentance and true faith in Your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his salvation. Thank You, Father, for Your goodness and grace and mercy, amen~



  1. When I ran across a list of false teachers years ago I cleaned out my library of books, tapes and videos. Recently, a new list was presented to me (thank you, Eliza-I lost the list, though, through a computer upgrade 😦 ) and I had to start all over again! Many of the books I have by today’s now questionable authors and teachers were written before they turned to error. It is a constant duty of the Christian to be Bereans of all teachings, no matter who they are.

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  2. FTA: Second, the other type of false teacher we run up against is the one who started out great, true, and on fire for the Lord. Their teaching grabbed you and through them, you immersed yourself in His Word. Things seem to line up with God’s truth. Unfortunately, over time, they became careless and started either watering down their original message or began to adopt patterns and practices that more aligned with New Age practices than with Christianity. This has happened to many, many leaders and that should help us to realize that we are all susceptible to error (myself included), and if not careful, can stray from the correct doctrinal path. (from part 4 of his 4 part series on Watch Out for Those Who Teach God Speaks to Them)

    Part 1 is here:

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