Mother Teresa—A Lost Soul?

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited ~ Christiana on the narrow way


In posting this article my intention is not to tear down Mother Teresa’s reputation. It’s that knowing what I do about her despair, I’m responsible to warn others about the emptiness, suffering, and ungodliness of a life devoted to service in the name of Christ without faith in the Christ of the Bible, the One Whom the Apostle Thomas confessed to be his Lord and God.

There are Christians who are wandering off of the narrow way, and others who have never entered it, who desire a life of love, service, and mysticism (a direct experience of God). Recently I read a post atAntipas Chronicles about Mother Teresa, who exemplified a life like this, and who is regarded as a heroine by all kinds of people including Bible-believing Christians. After reading that post, I found an article about her that I’d read awhile ago. The entire article appears below just as it appears at Berean BeaconThank…

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