Kirk Cameron’s Defense of X Mass Refuted


2 responses to “Kirk Cameron’s Defense of X Mass Refuted

  1. I think the first 50 minutes of this video has some very good points to consider. After 50 minutes it gets dicey. But the Scriptures and interpretations of them denouncing X Mass are worthy of note. As far as celebrating the Passover, we, as NT Christians, are not compelled to do so but may do so in the right manner of seeing Christ Jesus in its ritual.

    I just watched his video on sabbatical years-are they only for the land of Israel? He mentioned tithing, that we should still do it-and that’s where he lost me as a listener. Tithes were taxes for the theocratic nation of Israel and they were quite complicated! Here is a link to read:

    This gentleman is a Messianic believer and, as many of them do, they hold onto the Law when it is no longer necessary and they tend to apply them where it never was to be applied because there seems to be no distinction between physical Israel and spiritual Israel in their estimation. A study of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 should help that:

    I will keep the video posted unless someone wiser than I, and that would be all of you, dear readers, exhorts me to take it down. Discernment is an on-going process with me… 🙂


    • Another thing to note: although we should never be a respecter of persons as far as teachings go, it is not a bad thing to get a Messianic’s point of view on Scriptures. They understand the Hebrew language and its meanings better than most Christian teachers. Still, be a Berean! Because of lack of discernment and being a respecter of persons we have many Christians, small and great, believing cons like Cahn with his Shemitah prophecy and Blitz from the Hebrew Roots cult with his Blood Moons prophecy.


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