The Blood Moon Lunacy

I’ve added an update so I’m reblogging this article

The X Mass H8rs Blog

I admit that when I first heard of this phenomena and its supposed relationship to Israel I was curious. It was intriguing in that maybe we will be seeing something good coming to Israel, praise be to God! What held me back from completely falling for it was that John Hagee gave his endorsement to this teaching. I’m still waiting for Mr. Hagee to eat his bible “from leather cover to leather cover” for having been wrong about the Rapture happening before the year 2007 was over…

UPDATE: Today, I joined a Facebook page about end-times prophecies and noticed that they are undiscerning because they believe The Blood Moon lunacy, er, prophecy. So, since they neither know their scriptures nor their history, and have put their faith in false teachers who are scamming them for money, I unjoined them. Recently, a friend insisted that there may be truth in what Hagee…

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