The Mush God

An excerpt from the book, Kingdom Authority by Adrian Rogers (pp. 112-113):

God forbid that we should be ashamed of the name of Jesus in the public arena. I’ve noticed that those who lecture much about pluralism in religion really don’t mean it. If they did, they would want a Christian to pray as a Christian prays, a Jew to pray as he normally prays, and a Buddhist to pray as he normally prays. What they call “pluralism” is really synchronism–a dumbing down and melding together of all religions. Author and columnist Nicholas von Hoffmann wrote these words:

The Mush God has been known to appear to millionaires on golf courses. He appears to politicians at ribbon-cutting ceremonies and to clergymen speaking the invocation on national television at either a Democratic or Republican convention.

The Mush God has no theology to speak of, being a cream of wheat divinity. The Mush God has no particular credo, no tenets of faith, nothing that would make it difficult for a believer and non-believer alike to lower one’s head when the temporary chairman tells us that “Reverend, Rabbi, Father, Mufti, or So-And-So will lead us in an innocuous, harmless prayer.” For this god at public occasions is not a jealous god. You can invoke him to start a hookers’ convention and he/she won’t be offended.

God of the Rotary, the Optimist Club, Protector of the Buddy System, the Mush God is the Lord of the secular, ritual, of the necessary, but hypocritical forms and formalities that hush the divisive and the derisive. The Mush God is a serviceable god whose laws are chiseled, not on tablets of stone, but written on sand, open to amendment, qualification, and erasure. This is a god who will compromise with you, make allowances and declare all wars holy, all peaces hallowed.

Read The Mush God here


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