Humanity’s Constant Propensity of Being Deceived

FTA: Is it any wonder why there are so many people who have exchanged truth for lies today in the political realm? Is it any wonder that political correctness (the worst kind of lies there are) has replaced truth with emotional virtue? People want to believe that their way of understanding life is the best way. The documentary even showed how when The Amazing Randi proved that Uri Geller was simply using trickery to bend spoons and keys, how people would become so angry because Randi was not a “believer.” They missed the point entirely.

It really doesn’t matter what the topic is either. It can be religion, politics, sports, magic, or something else. People want to believe. They want to know that what they are emotionally invested in is the truth. When they find out it isn’t, the reaction is to often condemn the messenger who has exposed the lies…

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honestliarI just finished watching a documentary called “An Honest Liar,” which is about “The Amazing Randi” (James Randi). That’s not his real, but adopted stage name. You may have heard of him for the way he has used deception to expose charlatans, fakes, and those who would take advantage of people’s good nature to enrich themselves.

The documentary is about an hour and a half long. What becomes very clear is that people want to believe in the supernatural or psychic abilities. People really, really want that area to be true. There are several things that prove this and whether this is one of the intentions or simply the byproduct of the documentary is moot. The fact remains that this is brought out throughout the documentary.

Throughout the film, the abilities of Uri Geller, Peter Popoff, and numerous others comes into question. As a kid, I recall watching…

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