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From one of the message board’s post’s:

Holidays Are NOT Holy Days, For The Bible Tells Us So

(Brought over from Facebook)

Acts 2:38 is not the only thing people ignore from the Bible. Many of you wish to celebrate a holidays which the Bible is loaded with Scriptures speaking against the ideals, rituals and activities of those holidays, including and especially “Winter Solstice” For the first 200 years of this country started on Christian values, “Christmas” was not celebrated …

From Druids to Monarchy, to Charles Dickens to the Illuminati. All tools of Satan. Its All Ruin!

Many holidays have been indoctrinated into Christianity while God rejects everything about them. In fact most of the what we think to be something representing Jesus in reality only rejects Him …

I’m not one to endorse a site but this may be a helpful forum for those whose hearts break over the Christians’ celebrations of paganism in their churches.

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  1. Another thread post from FIM: The word “Christmas” derived from Christ Mass is absolute blasphemy and is supported nowhere in the Bible. The holiday was invented as a Pagan ritual to defy God. The word Mass in Latin means to dismiss … The true definition of Merry (Happy) Christmas means “Happy Dismissal of Christ!!!”

    If you have a tree up in your house or in your church, you have the item of Pagan invention and worship. Jeremiah 10. If you have a star or angel at the top of your tree and believe it to be the representation of anything Heavenly, Or if you think God appreciates you dressing up like anything Heavenly for Halloween you are mistaken … Exodus 20:4.

    “The most common justification one will hear regarding the celebration of this holiday is that people have replaced old pagan intents and customs by asserting they are now “Christian.” For instance, many say they are “honoring Christ” in their Christmas keeping. The problem is God does not say that keeping this tradition is acceptable to Him! In fact, He plainly commands against it! Christmas-keeping dishonors Christ!” David C. Pack

    Read more:

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    • Sherry, on the Hallmark channel they are now airing Christmas movies in honor of “Christmas in July.” In three months the whole cycle will start again. Halloween stuff packed away, Christmas junk out.
      There is no escape from this kind of thing except in Christ Himself. Thank you for telling others and reminding me of this important – crucial – problem! Last night, after watching a “bewitching” Christmas flick I had a bad dream. It is not innocence and light but darkness.

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      • YW! \o/

        It surely shows how sly and crafty our adversary is. It breaks my heart that our brothers and sisters cannot “see” its dangers. God bless you, sweetie. I appreciate your edifying and encouraging blog ministry, too.

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  3. Sherry, I think you should have a pingback to a post I did today linking back to your post. Spam?
    I appreciate your ministry too. Your blogs are a safe place to be, like-minded! Many can’t see the harm – it is hard to understand, and as you said, shows the enemy at work.

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