Scientology and the Problem of Peer and Group Pressure

FTA: The people were convinced that the 10 spies had it right and the two had it wrong. As Christians, we want His will accomplished. It may be though that the unity we seek is not the unity He wants. Peer pressure can be a killer. It can grieve the Holy Spirit if we succumb to others because we think “Oh well, I’ll just go along.”

God doesn’t want people who just “go along.” He wants people who are not afraid to seek His will and do it.
(my add: we need to exercise discernment! Not just go along with the crowd thinking its OK because it is tradition or that others are doing it or worry about what others would think of us if we quit doing it when God’s will is violated. Jesus did tell us to count the cost of following Him.)

Study - Grow - Know

hbo-scientology-documentary-going-clear-trailerI am fascinated by how peer pressure or group pressure can motivate people to do things they would not normally do. If you have not had a chance to watch HBO’s new documentary on the Church of Scientology called, “Going Clear.” I highly recommend it.

There are many “reveals” throughout the documentary as the writer/director focuses mainly on eight people who, for one reason or another, left Scientology after being seriously involved in it for at least 20 years. Several of them were very high-ranking members, reporting directly to David Miscavige, who is now in control of the organization that L. Ron Hubbard began.

While there is a good amount of “he said/she said” type of thing between the people who left and those who remain, for me, the most interesting (and tragic), part of the situation deals with the level and emphasis on peer pressure. I really…

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