Downplaying the Inquisition: Answering Todd Friel

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way


In our day, Christians, who have a responsibility to know history, are denying or downplaying what happened to us during a period of at least 605 years in Europe (1203 – 1808 A.D.).

In regard to individual Catholics who are innocent of such things, and who would never want to do them, and who cannot believe that their Church could or would do them, their relief in having these crimes denied or downplayed is understandable. But the Roman Catholic Church itself, and any individual Catholics who know that the truth is being buried, and even see these crimes as justified, are guilty along with the perpetrators. 



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3 responses to “Downplaying the Inquisition: Answering Todd Friel

    • \o/ !~

      I couldn’t believe how Todd Friel presented himself in this most serious issue. My jaw kept dropping at his insensitivity…If we have churchmen like this making light of the souls lost in the Inquisition then the Counter-Reformation will now have an easy time of deceiving the visible church.

      Already the Lutherans are saying that they were wrong about the Roman Catholic Church/Reformation and are joining forces with that Scarlet Harlot…heartbreaking…after all that Luther did…and lives gladly given for Christ’s cause!

      Have a God blessed day!~

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      • You too, Sherry!
        Todd Friel has the same demeanor no matter what he discusses – it is part of his show, unless he is street preaching. I hadn’t thought about people being upset by this, because I watched him occasionally but no longer. What I noticed was that his rewriting of history was the same awful kind of thing that Rome does about such things, or the world does about the Holocaust.
        But, be encouraged – not everyone is doing what Todd did. Rome’s contemporary crimes (pedophilia, money laundering, etc.) are being revealed and even punished at times. What this means I can’t say. Is this world (Beast system) about to turn upon the Woman? Difficult subject that we must be careful with.

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