What is the Emergent Church Movement?

I have contended for years that if the followers of Joseph Smith had been astutely reading their Bibles in 1830, there wouldn’t be 13 million Mormons in the world today and millions more would never have perished because of Smith’s false teachings. The same is true of those who sat in the pews in the early 20thcentury as doctrines of devils infiltrated the seminaries and pulpits of previously-sound Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and Lutheran churches, to name a few.

It is tragic that millions had to be deceived by the Watchtower’s conniving, Smith’s tango with Satan and Bultmann’s dive from orthodoxy. We need to learn from so many instances of regretful, timid wait-and-see hesitancy that church leaders have engaged in when it comes to swiftly quashing cultic doctrine. Why is it that retrospect seems to be the sad teacher when identifying cultists in our midst? In trying to be civil, gentle and loving with those espousing error, what really happens is that less-aware souls are trapped, deceived and convinced to go along for what amounts to a demonic joyride down the path to eternal destruction. I say, “Enough!” Where are the pastors and leaders who are not afraid to deal with error and false teaching in our midst? Paul would have opposed heretics, and instead of viewing it as somehow unkind, we must see it as the MOST loving thing to do.

Emergent liberals need to be confronted. These folks are heretics, yet they view their ideas as theologically deep and intellectually superior. In reality, no amount of condescending or attempting to spin true Bible believers into archaic Neanderthals can lessen or justify the depth of their error. For their own sakes and for that of their followers, we must recognize it as our task to identify Emergents as cultists, no matter who thinks we are radical, judgmental, or rude. After all, caring enough to warn the lost is the loving and biblical thing to do.

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One response to “What is the Emergent Church Movement?

  1. FTA: Idols can do nothing good for a person. Yet, we see a growing movement within society that endeavors to enhance idolatry, bringing it in the mainstream.

    There are strands of the Emergent Church that are aligning itself with aspects of idolatry. They use prayer beads, or crystals as a “help” in prayer, but in reality, all they are doing is crossing the line from worshiping God, to trusting idols.

    The truth is that many within Christendom today are changing the way they look at the Bible, at God, and the gospel. Those within the Emergent Church (which is really the secular New Age cloned in religious garb), have manufactured a type of idolatrous “Christianity” that allows them to use their idols of choice, while continuing to believe that they are practicing Christianity.

    However, from God’s Word there can be no doubt that idolatry is anathema to God. It doesn’t matter if it is simply a “good luck” charm, or a full-blown crystal hanging around our neck. The end result is that the use of crystals is nothing more than idolatry.



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