Why Catholics Are NOT Christians!


The Catholic Church is a blend of Semiramis worship and Roman Emperor worship. Long ago, in ancient Babylon, was a pagan system of worship that was based on the Queen of Babylon, Semiramis and her infant “god” son, Damu. This paganism had spread throughout the ancient world and after Christ came in the flesh, and as the church grew and eventually became corrupted, the Catholic priests who went about the world evangelizing encountered this mother goddess and child wherever they went no matter what culture they came upon.

mary-shrine-2To make “conversion” to “Christianity” easier, the priests incorporated this paganism into the church. They changed Semiramis to Mary. They changed her son, Damu, to Jesus. Hence the Madonna and child was transferred from ancient Babylon and incorporated into the teachings of the church. No wonder God refers to this corrupt, perverted “church” as “the whore of Babylon”! (A spiritual slut) See Revelation 17:4-6.


3 responses to “Why Catholics Are NOT Christians!

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shankill_Butchers These people murdered members of my community, innocent catholic civilians whilst following bigots who spouted “the evils of the catholic church”. When the beast from the abyss comes, he will not come for specific christian groups from one church and not another, he will come for anyone who Testifies with his mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. This is without doubt one of the most well researched pages on the number of the beast I have found on the internet. I have no doubt the catholic church will be taken over by the beast, but I do not need knowledge from bible based christians to know this. I pray to God the Father, God the Son and ask for discernment from God the Holy Spirit. I follow the 10 commandments and the command of Jesus to “love one another as I have loved you”. I see and hear changes within the catholic church that do not sit well with me and are not in sync with christian truth, but, to condemn the church and abandon all the genuine followers of Jesus Christ within the church at this point would be like fleeing whilst Jesus was being arrested and tried. I cannot leave Jesus to walk to His death alone again. Human beings should stop pointing out the sin in each other and instead pray to Jesus for each other. Pray and keep watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohHMK20FhAk


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