Comparing Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way

Psalm 119:130


The entrance of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple.

Though I’m a former Catholic, I haven’t gone to   Proclaiming the Truth , Mike Gendron’s ministry, for learning resources. That will probably change. This morning my husband and I watched this extremely helpful video.

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Brought From Darkness Into Light

He Hath Said

…by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles… and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. – Matthew 4:15-16

Men who know not the truth, since they must have some faith, seek out many inventions; for, if they are not taught of God, they soon become taught of Satan, and apt scholars are they in his school. Galilee was noted for the heresies which abounded there. But what a mercy it is that God can save heretics. Those who have received false doctrine, and added darkness to darkness in so doing, can yet be brought into the glorious light of truth. Though they may have denied the Deity of Christ, though they may have doubted the inspiration of Scripture, though they may have fallen into many traps and pitfalls of false doctrine, yet the Divine Shepherd, when He…

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Blotting Out God: Dream On

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By David Ettinger

He’s Back
DaVinciCodeDan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, is back with a new novel called Origin. In it, Brown continues his assault upon Christianity and the existence of God. Brown recently appeared on the CBS news program “Sunday Morning.” According to the show, Brown’s new book “puts God on the edge of extinction.”[1]

Brown said, “Traditionally, all the gods fall. And my question is, are we naïve to believe that the gods of today will not suffer the same fate?”[2] “Sunday Morning” correspondent Tony Dokoupil followed up with this question: “Would that be a better planet?” Brown’s reply was expected: “I personally believe that our planet would be absolutely fine without religion, and I also feel that we’re evolving in that direction.”[3]

This – the blotting out of God and religion – is the ultimate atheist dream, a dream which will…

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Exposing the Common Errors in Biblical Interpretation

An important teaching for every Christian:

Many teachers will twist scriptures because they use faulty interpretation methods. This is how many are fooled into believing they can celebrate X Mass and Easter, or that Christians can be homosexuals.

Iron and Clay


Every Christian tradition needs to ask itself to what degree iron and clay are mixed in its building blocks and to be self-critical about the Gospel sustainability of its foundation.


From the article, “The Clay of Paganism with the Iron of Christianity”: Cornelius Van Til’s Critique of Roman Catholicism

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The Literal Millennial Reign of Christ

The Millennial Reign is the time that covenants and promises God has made get fully fulfilled which will not be fulfilled in this Church Age (the age of the Gentiles-the mystery Paul revealed to all believers). Here is the purpose of the Millennial Reign and why it must be literally on this earth:

Taken in the whole context of God’s Word we see that to believe it any other way than a literal reign is to make God an oath breaker.

An article with a chart on the events of the Millennial Reign of Christ: Summary of the Millennial Kingdom


“I Bind You, Satan”

Matthew 18:18 and Binding Satan in Prayer

I sometimes wonder how many times a day the words “I bind you, Satan” are declared. binding-and-loosing-2-728Through popular books, widely viewed blogs, and YouTube clips, prayers binding Satan or other malevolent spiritual forces have become routine in various circles of the Christian church. Generally speaking, the idea behind prayers of binding and loosing, whether for one’s self or others, is often expressed as enabling the “breaking of spiritual strongholds” and as achieving a more “effective ministry” in light of perceived demonic incursion and activity. I-will-give-you-the-keysOn some occasions, the focus of binding and loosing prayers seem related to one’s own experience of achieving freedom and wholeness. On other occasions, the focus of such prayers relate to those who seem troubled, held back, or otherwise rendered impervious to Christian truth. In one particular manual, binding and loosing prayers are encouraged on a daily basis and are applied not only in the face of alleged spiritual attack but also for a host of situations and conditions ranging from financial hardship, tormenting thoughts, and sexual sin to protection before anesthesia, blood transfusion, or surgery.1 While various Scriptures are appealed to in support of this practice and its attending outlook, Matthew 18:18 (together with Matthew 16:19) tends to figure prominently…(click on title for the article)