Hold Fast the Gospel

He Hath Said

Let us holdfast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for He is faithful that promised;) – Hebrews 10:23

A true church in her holiness and testimony is very terrible to sinners. The ungodly care not a rush about a mock church, nor about sham Christians; but a really earnest Christian makes the ungodly abashed.

Let us be very earnest to maintain the faith once delivered to the saints. Let us not give up this doctrine or that, at the dictates of policy or fashion; but whatsoever Jesus saith unto us, let us receive it as the word of life. Great injury may be done to a church ere it knows it, if it shall tolerate error here and there; for false doctrine, like the little leaven, soon leavens the whole lump. If the church be taught of the Spirit to know the voice of the Good Shepherd, a…

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God’s Word to Israel


You shall not make a post idol of any trees near unto the altar of the LORD your God, which you shall make you. Neither shall you set up any image; which the LORD your God hates. Deuteronomy 16:21-22 KJV 2000

Matthew Henry’s Commentary:

Care is taken to prevent following the idolatrous customs of the heathen. Nothing belies God more, or tends more to corrupt the minds of men, than representing and worshipping, by an image, that God, who is an almighty and eternal Spirit, present every where. Alas! even in gospel days, and under a better dispensation, established upon better promises, there is a tendency to set up idols, under one form or another, in the human heart.

The Shack Documentary

Satan is trying to unite the world in to a New World Order Religion and the first thing he needs to do is destroy Christianity. The Shack is the newest form of propaganda that is being used to try and accomplish this goal.

Lies of the Devil produced an investigative documentary exposing:
Who are the Authors of The Shack?
Where did they get their theological views?
Why are Christian Pastors collaborating with New Age Spiritualists to promote it?

It will shock viewers when they find out that secret society religion of Gnosticism and the Kaballah is behind it all…

“What’s Next – Temple Prostitutes?”

Well, why not? Churches are already setting up the symbol of Nimrod’s phallus, the X Mass tree, right up there next to the pulpit where God’s Word is preached! And the church sees nothing wrong with Easter eggs (symbols of fertility) and sunrise services!

From the article:

About a decade ago, I became aware of the new wave of false teaching entering the church. One aspect of that teaching hinted that our experience with Jesus was (should be?) sexual. (Christians who use a mantra, as in contemplative prayer, and go into an altered state of consciousness sometimes have erotic experiences, which they mistakenly believe to be “union” with God/Jesus.) There was new interest in/promotion of the “bridal mysticism” of medieval nuns like Teresa of Avila: “Body and spirit are in the throes of a sweet, happy pain . . . and a spell of strangulation . . . swoon-like weakness . . .” There were quotes in Christian books, like Tony Campolo saying, “There is nothing wrong . . . with eroticism in worship.”

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Joyce Meyer is a Liar

Although this video is made by a KJV Onlyist it is still, for the most part, a good video exposing the false teachers of our day. As for KJV Onlyism, I do not agree with them because it was founded by slandering Wescott and Hort and twisting the scripture of Psalm 12:6-7. There are modern per-versions of the Holy Bible but KJV Onlyists want you to believe that updated translations, like the NKJV and NIV, are all per-versions. It is elitism, too, to condemn people for the version they prefer over the KJV.  To simplify, a modern per-version would be one that is focused on an agenda instead of the Lord God. Like the Message is a New Age version and there are also Bibles that are for feminists and gays. Many Study Bibles are done by false teachers such as John MacArthur and John Hagee and, the lady of our post,  Joyce Meyer.

Be discerning~

QUOTING HERETICS: Tim Keller and his friends

Biblical Connection

keller2 Tim Keller: a sheep in appearance, but a wolf in disguise

While I may privately read after a number of sources to stay abreast of the latest heresies or literature available, I am deeply aware that I must never exalt such literature or writers to a pedestal by quoting them in a positive or spiritual context.  I would hate to confuse a “weaker brother” who would then follow after such a man or heretic.  

Paul the apostle appears to have quoted from outright unbelievers’ literature at Mars Hill, which is precedent for the acceptability of reading and quoting literature by an unbeliever when the content is morally acceptable.  However, Paul showed absolutely no tolerance for false teachers. Never did he quote them.  Never did he bid them well.  In his Roman letter, he told believers to mark and avoid such men.  In his letter to the Galatians, he desired…

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When the Church Prospers

spurgeonWhenever the Church has been thoroughly distinct from the world, she has always prospered. During the first three centuries the world hated the Church. The prison, the stake, the heels of the wild horse, these were thought too good for the followers of Christ. When a man became a Christian, he gave up father and mother, house and lands, nay, his own life also. When they met together they must meet in the catacombs, burning candles at high noon, because there was darkness in the depths of the earth. They were despised and rejected of men. “They wandered about in sheeps’ skins and goats’ skins, destitute, afflicted, tormented.” But then was the age of heroes; that was the time of giants. Never did the Church so much prosper and so truly thrive as when she was baptized in blood. The ship of the Church never sails so gloriously along as when the bloody spray of her martyrs falls upon her deck. We must suffer, and we must die, if we are ever to conquer this world for Christ. Was there ever such a surprising miracle as the spread of the gospel during the first two or three centuries? Within fifty years after Christ had ascended to heaven, the gospel was preached in every known part of the world, and there were converts to Christ in the most inhospitable regions. Further than the ships of Tarshish had the gospel flown; the pillars of Hercules had not bounded the industry of the apostles. To wild and uncivilised tribes, to Picts and Scots, and to fierce Britons, was the gospel proclaimed. Churches were founded, some of which have lasted in their purity to this day. And all this, I believe, was partly the result of that striking, that marked difference between the Church and the world. Certainly, during the period after Constantine professed to be a Christian, changing with the times, because he saw it would strengthen his empire-from the time when the Church began to be linked with the state-the Lord left her, and gave her up to barrenness, and Ichabod was written on her walls. It was a black day for Christendom when Constantine said, “I am a Christian.” “By this sign I conquer,” said he. Yes, it was the true reason of his pretended conversion, If he could conquer by the cross it was well enough; if he could have conquered by Jupiter he would have I liked it equally as well. From that time the Church began to degenerate. And coming down to the middle ages, when you could not tell a Christian from a worldling, where were you to find piety at all, or life or grace left in the lands Then came Luther, and with a rough grasp he rent away the Church from the world-pulled her away at the risk of rending her in pieces. He would not have her linked in affinity with the world, and then “The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers took counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed;” but he that sitteth in the heavens did laugh at them; Jehovah had them in derision. The Church went forth conquering and to conquer, and her main weapon was her non-conformity to the world, her coming out from among men. Put your finger on any prosperous page in the Church’s history, and I will find a little marginal note reading thus: “In this age men could readily see where the Church began and where the world ended.” Never were there good times when the Church and the world were joined in marriage with one another. ~ C.H. Spurgeon